JULY 27, 2022

Remember arts and Crafts? When you would play with the glue with your fingers-oh how that stick of glue would keep you busy.


 Remember how you felt when you made your first paper fortune teller and used it on your crush?

We’re sure the nostalgia has creeped by now but we’re also sure that a lot people forgot how good crafting really is for your health.
 Here’s a refresher:
It’s a great way to relieve stress.
Some alone time is always refreshing, and adding some fun challenging productivity makes that quality time even better. working on a DIY project brings you back to the present moment and allows you to disconnect from the outside world.And so, crafting can be that healthy distraction, giving you an outlet to clear your mind and focus it on some fulfilling fun.

Learn New Things
Whether you’re working on your craft or just picking something up, challenges always present themselves. Learn how to plan your goals when you’re just starting out; develop some building skills when working on a bird house. These new discoveries can also be personal, and teach you patience together with perseverance. A lot of things you pick up during these projects can carry over to other aspects of your life.

A great way to boost your Self-esteem
Making something you’re proud of is one of the best feelings in the world, and crafting gives you just that. After enduring the confusion and frustration, not only are you left feeling good, you feel confident and motivated for that next crafting adventure.