August 19th, 2022

Picture this, it’s Christmas, and you and your friends are doing a Secret Santa. After spending so much time and effort finding the perfect gift for your friend, you end up with a very underwhelming present. With a very awkward glance, you say

 “A-Awh….Y-Yo-You shouldn’t have.” as you dig through the gift bag expecting something more.



To ensure that this would never happen again you promised yourself that next year you would buy yourself a backup gift. After all, you are your best gift giver. Thankfully, DIY Craft Kits is the place to go for such gifts! From making your very own bath bombs to beautiful embroidery kits – we have it all! Not only are you getting something that you want, but you are also investing some time learning a new skill.

So the next time your friends are over and comment on your framed embroidery kit and say “Wow! Where did you get this?”, you can proudly reply with “Oh that thing? I made it”.