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Our Story




As a branch of Maker House Co. , Diy Craft Kits’ mission is to reach a bigger audience of DIY enthusiasts whilst still maintaining the vision of Makerhouse Co.

The story behind Maker House Co. dates back to when globalization didn’t exist and when furniture was made locally to last. It was a time when we as Canadians bought from neighbor-owned stores, rather than large, foreign-owned stores, and when our ancestors were the blood and sweat behind our economy.

This all changed in the mid-1900’s when people started to fall in love with cheaply imported items. Folks began to be drawn in by their exotic variety, inexpensive prices, and box-store accessibility. Through our buying habits, we collectively caused our local shops to shut down and forced ourselves to adapt into more globalized careers.
We’re realizing there is a better, simpler way to get a more meaningful and sustainable version of things.

 We are now buying local.

From supporting craft breweries to purchasing local art, we are redeveloping our communities and creating space for artists to thrive, businesses to grow, and careers to be made.

Our Core Values



Community & Environment

We believe it is better to buy from your neighbour. This cycles your spending back into the community.

Fostering a network of local makers, our store generates sales for more than 150 makers across Canada.

We donate 2% of all sales to non-profits in our community through our #CraftChange initiative.

Storytelling & Authenticity

Our products are made by authentic artisans across Canada who have devoted their lives to their craft.

Each product is made with the intention to last generations, rather than be replaced every few years.

We believe the true value of an item should account for its origin, life-cycle, and of course, its story.

Heritage & Diversity

We value the Canadian traditions of woodworking and industrious crafting that built our nation.

We encourage the representation of all cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives in our collection.

Using only sustainable materials, we work hard to promote sustainable practices among our makers and our customers.